Strategy: αc U.S. Equities

Investment Objective

Aggressive Long-Term Capital Appreciation

Annualized Return



5+ years

Rebalancing Frequency


The portfolio pursues a strategy that seeks to achieve equity-like returns with lower volatility and drawdowns compared to traditional equity through active ETF selection, risk management and diversification. It is thus expected to produce higher risk-adjusted returns than market indexes.

We use a systematic approach to constructing the portfolio by ranking ETFs in the investment universe using a number of technical indicators and proprietary formulas. We then select those that rank in the top 2, weight them equally, and rebalance once a month at most. During unfavorable market conditions the portfolio invests in fixed income instruments.

The investment universe for the portfolio is comprised of U.S. equities only, mostly consisting of large-cap companies.

Portfolio Performance (May 1986 - Nov 2019)


The performance metrics below are constructed from historical data dating from May 1986 to Nov 2019. The portfolio is benchmarked against Vanguard 500 Index Fund.

All metrics shown are inclusive of commission fees as well as transaction tax. For this concrete portfolio, we've applied some sensible defaults: a fixed commission fee of $25 for each transaction, as well as a 0.12% tax for each transaction. Performance may vary depending on the associated costs to investing in these instruments in a certain country, as well as other factors such as the exact time at which the trades were executed, slippage, and more.

Cumulative Returns

Portfolio Initial Balance Final Balance Annual Return Annual Volatility Best Year Worst Year Max Drawdown Sharpe Ratio Sortino Ratio
αc U.S. Equities $10,000 $474,339 12.2% 14.7% 39% -11.9% -32.3% 0.86 1.2
Benchmark: Vanguard 500 Index Fund