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About Us

What We Do

Alphacubator is a financial software company based in Brussels, Belgium that provides tools for investors and investment firms to analyze financial assets as well as build quantitative investment strategies to generate superior returns (alpha) while minimizing downside risk by combining research with mathematical and statistical models.

Quantitative Portfolio Building

We believe a quantitative approach to investing provides a lot of benefits. When building quantitative portfolios, the strategy’s algorithms, or rules, are fixed in code and thus remain the same throughout time, which guarantees consistency in its ability to generate alpha. Whereas traditionally, a fund’s manager is responsible for generating alpha, and a change in management may also lead to a change in strategy, and thus, may also impact the historically expected return of the fund.

One other benefit of a quantitative approach is that it completely eliminates any biases or emotional decision making, since we’re letting an algorithm decide the appropriate allocation, instead of having to rely on human beings — which are intrinsically emotional — to make investment decisions.

Too often, retail investors make bad investment decisions because they do not have the right tools to measure their investments and to build out a solid investment strategy that actually works. Many also do not know what they should invest in.

Alphacubator offers multiple solutions: an analysis tool for assets, a backtester to build your own portfolio, and ready-made portfolios by our team which you can follow.

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