Alpha + Incubator

An environment favorable for generating excess returns.
May the alpha be with us.

We're a quant investment studio developing long- & short-term trading strategies. We put our money where our mouth is - meaning we invest our capital in the strategies we've developed.

A large part of what we do is researching certain hypothesis, collecting and analyzing data, building algorithms around this data and rigorous backtesting. A big advantage of this quantitative approach is that our strategies stay consistent through time and are not affected by emotional decision-making.

Alphacubator is part of Boot Ventures, a startup studio based in Belgium and the United States.

Long-Term Strategies

Our long-term strategies seek to achieve equity-like returns with lower volatility and drawdowns compared to traditional funds. We do this by allocating risks in a balanced manner, adapting to market conditions and employing active security selection and asset allocation. We believe our approach is superior to traditional funds that allocate by capital (e.g. 60% stocks and 40% bonds), which are not risk managed throughout time and are reliant on strong economic growth environments in order to generate returns.

Diversified through ETF allocation

All our strategies invest in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). We do not invest in individual stocks. This allows us to be more diversified while being less risky in nature.

Cost efficient and easy to replicate

Most of our strategies allocate between a select few assets and are rebalanced only once a month. This makes them easy to replicate manually. It also minimizes the number of transactions we need to execute, thus saving on transactions costs and taxes.

Risk managed

We backtest our strategies using historical data, usually as far back as the 1990s or sometimes even the 1980s. This gives us a good idea of expected returns and drawdowns. Our active approach to investing also allows us to adapt our allocation during unfavorable market conditions, thus minimizing the risks of investing in the stock market.

Short-Term Strategies

Our short-term strategies are based on experimental, new ideas where we try to find new inefficiencies in the market by uncovering secrets in the data we collect. These strategies provide an opportunity to generate significant returns in a relatively short period of time. As of today we do not give out any public information regarding these strategies.